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Women In Fintech
Episode 1: Andrée Simon
August 07, 2018 Chiara Ronga
"Out of the 2 billion people who are still unbanked, the majority of them are women" Season 2 is here! Thank you to all our viewers continuing to listen to Women In Fintech! Kicking off with the amazing Andree Simon, CEO of FINCA Impact Finance, a global provider of responsible financial services. FINCA’s network of 21 community-based banks offer responsible and affordable loan and saving products that empower low income women and men to take control of their financial future. Listen to Andree and Chiara's discussion on how technology is changing the landscape of finance, and with it, gender equality. Here and more, on your weekly Women In Fintech Podcast Series. Think you or someone you know would be a good speaker on Women of Fintech? Or are you a start up fintech looking for acceleration and growth? Check out what other inspriing content or services CoBa has to offer you here: http://www.wearecoba.com/
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